GReddy Sirius Meter Series

Sirius Meter evolves the classic, easy to read, analog GReddy gauge dial with three-dimensional elements to bring vital engine readings to life. The improved form allows the unit to be combined with a Sirius Vision to overlay additional information.

Sirius Vision is designed around our advanced thin-film electro luminescent display. The unique clear screen with intense lighting allows the unit to be used as a heads up display or to be combined with a Sirius Meter to overlay additional information.

Sirius Control Unit allows the user to control which parameters are displayed on the Sirius Vision  
 *Required to use Sirius Vision(s), Meter(s) or Unify set(s)

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  *WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

Item Type Size Description PART #
Sirius Unify Oil Pressure Set 74mm

Analog Meter - Oil Press and Vision Display

Item: Sirius Unify
Type: Oil Pressure Set
Size: 74mm

1x Sirius Meter - Oil Press with pressure sensor set
1x Sirius Vision disply
     (requires Sirius Control Unit, sold separately)

Sirius Unify combines the Sirius Vision and Sirius Meter to form the most innovative, next generation metering system.

● Peak Hold Memory function recalls the maximum value readings
● Illumination dimmer function can be controlled by the headlight's ON / OFF position
● Warning function allows the user to select and set warning points for alerts
● Each Sirius Unify set includes a dedicated meter mount and meter harness
● Included with each Sirius Unify Set is the corresponding Sensor and Harness set
● Optional sensors and harnesses (sold separately) are required for each additional Parameter, you chose to display on the Sirius Vision● Sirius Control Unit (sold separately ) is required for the Sirius Unify set

    [ Boost / Pressure / Temperature ]

Range: -0 ~10.0 kPa


Part #: 16001743
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